Ape Crypto coin Price Prediction 2025 | Is ape coin a good investment

Ape Crypto coin Price Prediction 2025

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What is the ape coin, The Future price potential of the Ape Coin and What you can do with the coin the tokenomics we can see by reading the ape coin about us on the Ape Coin website? There isn’t a white paper or roadmap or a clear plan and it seems like a cash grab. Apecoin is for the web 3 economies its community-led initiatives through a dow and potentially a metaverse. The yuga labs team the creators of the board ape yacht club released a video on their Twitter account.

Ape Crypto coin Price Prediction 2025

Ape coin crypto price prediction

What is apecoin and ape coin price prediction 2025 it’s potentially a metaverse and it’s currently a dow. Ape coin gave out a huge Airdrop to NFT the board Apia c club NFT holders mutant a plus kennel club. So if you had a combination of that now this is per NFT ape coins allocated per NFT pair so with just one board ape you would have got 10 094 coins. 

Now looking at the current ape coin price prediction 2025 that would have been worth over 100 000 us dollars and the market cap is about 3 billion and since the launch, the price has been going kind of down sideways. The tokenomics a majority of the coins are dedicated to the ecosystem fund sixteen per cent to yuga labs and the charity fourteen per cent to launch contributors and eight per cent to the board API club founders.

The circulating supply is 277 million coins while the max supply is 1 billion so about 27.7 of the supply is currently in circulation. In ape coin 15 per cent went to nft holders, 11.75 went to the dow treasury probably exchange supplies too and one per cent to the launch contributors this gives us most of our current circulating supply. 

28 of the coins are currently in circulation 72 % are still locked after the launch the coins begin unlocking and that is for about 36 months. Every month two per cent of the total coin supply will be released into the market and that will go to charity and different teams. Ape coin crypto price prediction very likely they might be selling and that can happen pretty quickly.

 So 28 of the supply currently in circulation left 2% to that is almost like an 8 increase in the available supply and very likely that will just get sold. So token holders could be diluted if no value is added to the project and that’s why we have to look at will there be value in this product.

Ape Crypto coin Price Prediction 2025

Ape coin crypto price prediction 2030

 Do we have to consider what is this project? and is there any value to it at the moment ape coin is just a Dao and potentially a metaverse. The metaverse side of things can create more value from this decrypt article. You collabs tease board ape yacht club metaverse with crypto punks, cool cats, noun NFT and more. 

If we see on the Yugo labs Twitter they have this board a yacht club video and this is a metaverse teaser so they could be potentially announcing it in April. There could be more potential in the ape coin if this metaverse does get launched and they do have a collaboration or maybe they’ll be buying up more NFT projects leading up to that launch date. 

If we look at ape coin crypto price prediction at a three billion dollar market cap. The market cap for metaverse is and the total market cap is about 28 billion with the leading projects at 4.4 and 3.5 billion. This is the sandbox the central land Axie infinity Axie Infinity hasn’t officially launched their metaverse yet. 

 Yugo labs Twitter

 Ape coin price prediction 2022

Ape coin price prediction 2025 ape coin has a 2.8 billion dollar market cap 10.3 fully diluted market cap and that’s considering if all the coins were circulating and only 27.7% is circulating because there is a 1 billion coin supply. Now the coin itself has been listed on every major exchange Binance and Coinbase included. Whenever you see a listing on Binance and Coinbase you’re gonna expect a price pump that is off the table already that has already happened.

So the only reason the ape coin price prediction 2025 can go up from here on out is if it creates value. The value has to be created through either its product, dao, metaverse, branding, marketing and possible what happened with Shiba Inu with dogecoin.

 There is one key difference here ape coin has a max supply of one billion coins. Where Dogecoin has a 132 billion supply and it’s actually unlimited and Shiba Inu has a 589 trillion supply and it can continuously grow. The Ape coin price prediction 2025 for this one is extremely low while the market cap is even higher than the ape coin. The dogecoin market cap is at 15.9 billion the coin price is lower that’s because it has a significantly higher supply.

So ape coin price prediction 2025 could have had more potential if they had a higher coin supply because people ape in when the coin price is low and not everybody understands market cap. The board ape yacht club creator raises 450 million dollars in capital to build an NFT universe and this is going to revolve around the intellectual property that they own which is you crypto punks board API club more.

 This should be taken into consideration because now they have a valuation of four billion dollars which is incredibly high they raised a lot of money and that’s because the board API club has a lot of celebrities and they have a lot of influence. Those celebrities can bring more people into the crypto universe and while we’re on that topic snoop Dogg and wiz khalifa launched ape coin price prediction 2025 theme to music NFT.

 Ape price soars well temporarily we’ll see so if you take a look at the ape drops page this is the snoop and whiz ape drop you can get this music NFT for 15 apes. And that’s let’s say ten dollars that’s a hundred fifty dollars to own ape music nft. You can listen to it for free you can observe it that way but it’s all about having ownership. 

Another utility that they’re bringing to these NFTs and a lot of other celebrities and people can do that too. But there they haven’t sold out because that is a lot of money for music which is harder to see while you’re scrolling through Twitter you kind of want that nft profile pic.

Is ape coin a good investment ?

Ape crypto coin price prediction it’s going to be very hard to generate the value and make that metaverse because they will be building it from scratch but they have 450 million dollars to play. That doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll see that value immediately. The ape coin community is very strong and very loud in the crypto world and with their influencers, their celebrities their VCs have a lot of attention.

 It could be worth a lot now for comparison ape crypto coin price prediction we saw dogecoin go up to like a 90 billion dollar market cap all with celebrities and Elon musk hype. Mostly Elon musk then other celebrities jumped in so it is possible to have that kind of momentum but that’s because dogecoin had a bigger supply the coin price was much cheaper.

 It was available on Robinhood so it was very convenient for a lot of people to buy and those are the big factors that led to that run-up. Now with ape coin price prediction 2025 smaller supply per coin price is much higher not available on Robinhood. It was listed on every exchange immediately we might not see any pumps for a while and this coin at least for the time being is going to have to rely on hype and utility.

 If we see more utility with celebrities’ droppings exclusive drops it could have more value but it’s overvalued at anything over 1 billion. There are a lot of other projects available in the crypto space that could provide you with more value. Now that’s not financial advice that is just my opinion.

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Is apecoin a good investment?

It’s overvalued at anything over 1 billion. There are a lot of other projects available in the crypto space that could provide you with more value


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