Polkadot Price Prediction 2022

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Polkadot Price Prediction chart

So we’re just going to quickly start off with taking a look at the Polkadot price prediction hourly chart, and there are a few things I kind of want to highlight here. It’s been a little while since we were actively kind of looking at this one.

So I did think it was about time that I actually jumped back into polka Dot and start to talk about what’s kind of going on and what was expected, because most recently, I actually have bought a little bit more polka Dot as has Chris, I believe.

But we’ll go into that in a little bit more detail at the moment. We do want to kind of talk about this kind of move that we had seen previously, but all this is a little bit in the past right now.

So I kind of want to really focus on Polkadot price prediction and what is going on right now and what we should be looking forward to in terms of what is likely to happen next. Now, I’m just going to focus on this point here, and we can, of course, acknowledge that this is an ABC move. So we have our AB and C move here. Now, this is an incredibly shallow sea wave.

And I really want to highlight that to start with. So I’ll do it. I’ll just quickly remove that off and I’m going to grab the Fibonacci retracement tool. We’re going to grab it from that low Wick here as we push that up into our point of contact at the top here. So this is our awe, right.

And what I’m going to do is I’m going to move this and transpose it down over here on top of our B wave. Now I’ll put those ABCs back so you can see a little bit clearer. What I’m talking about here’s an A here’s wave B and wave C is actually here just above that 618. So we actually didn’t go down to the one-to-one ratio.

Polkadot price prediction
chart 1 Hr Time Frame

Polkadot Price Prediction to Pull Back

We had this marked out at $22, as you can see with this blue line at the bottom. And so my Polkadot price prediction and expectation was to pull back into this range here. But actually, we’ve held up really, really well and don’t generally buy and sell assets and kind of trade out of them unless it’s really good reason to do so or serious worry about something.

In which case I might park into a stable coin temporarily. In the case of Polkadot price prediction here, even though we’re looking down and coming down to $22, I was comfortable with just holding that it’s okay for me.

I wasn’t overly concerned with that being said, I actually bought polka dot over here. Let me just see if I can find that timeline.

Yeah, we’re about here. So I bought a Polka dot in between these Two Candles. Okay. So the low point of the wave here. Although I was looking at this pullback at the time, I could acknowledge that this was basically an ABC correction in itself.

And we thought that this might have been the bottom, right, because it was quite a significant pullback for poker dot at the time. And what we do is we actually go ahead and grab hold of this and you can see we pulled back 17%. So I thought, Fine, great opportunity. I’ll throw a few thousand dollars at polka dot. 

And I figured that I’ll just increase that position a little bit. And then obviously we saw almost instant gratification to that bit of a rise up thinking fantastic. And then obviously a pullback.

Now this pullback, as I scoped out after this bounce, was showing $22, that would have been a better entry point. But obviously, we found interesting levels of support just here.

Polkadot price prediction(Resistance)

Polkadot Price Prediction(Resistance)

And then we started to see the reversal. And again, there is a Double Top happening just up here. And so although this is very inconclusive, this kind of trading,

there’s stuff kind of going on in the background here that we should acknowledge and understand. But we are basically now trading sideways between a couple of key levels. Let me just mop this up here as well.

So you can see. Okay. So we went down towards the 618, but we fell short of it. We then rallied up. We found up resistance at $26, and then we fell back and we found support at 24 47, and then continuation.

We basically hit the resistance, and we pulled back down. And right now the Stochastic RSI is heading into the oversold area. And so we’re actually now thinking that this is likely to start to get that traction. That last leg up.

So if this is an AB, and C move, we have the double top. We have the ABC to the downside. This is the A wave. This is the B wave. We’re looking for a bit of a move to the upside.

So what I mean by this is if we grab hold of this, we have an A, B, and C here. We then have our A wave here. B wave, C wave. To the downside here. And arguably, you could move that up there if you wanted to, which we probably have to be fair.

But they will call it that. And then obviously the Double Top. We hit that area, the ABC, and then obviously ABC down, ABC up, and ABC down. We’re now looking for an ABC up. Now, these are all real micro-movements that are probably a lot more visible on the 30 minutes15 minutes charts.

So we can see these moves a little bit clearer. They aren’t just straight lines as such. Right. So here’s the ABC here. And we have that move here with an A, B, and a pretty much a double bottom here.

You could acknowledge it as this area. So we’ll ride with that. Let’s just see how this plays out ABC here. And then we have our A wave B wave. And let’s hypothetically say that’s our sea wave.

This then leads us into an interesting ABC up. And I say it’s interesting in Polkadot price prediction because there’s really quite quick promotion just there. And then as we continue this, we can see we have that move to the downside, A, B, and C up. And then you have a bigger, clearer move here. So lots of very choppy actions in here, quite indecisive markets, not really knowing what’s going on.

Lots of panic selling and panic buying, probably. Then once they get through that kind of choppy action, things become a little bit clearer. And we have this A, B, and C very definitive move to the downside here.

And then you end up with another definitive move with an ABC to the upside here again, short of sea wave. And now we are kind of finding this upper area of resistance straightening sideways, pulling back, as expected, A, B, and C.

Polkadot price prediction

Polkadot Price Prediction 2030

Now we’re basically ready for that next step to the upside. And all of these actual moves, play into bigger patterns on larger time frames.

So this is one of the reasons we don’t tend to spend too much time on the smaller time frames because it gets very confusing, very choppy, very noisy for no good reason.

So I don’t tend to like to go down lower than the hourly, but that’s kind of what’s going on with that kind of sideways trade. We are continuing. But with this next kind of leg, we could potentially now see this B wave with a C wave higher.

And if we actually bring that up into a slightly larger time frame, we have this kind of going on. It basically takes us right back up into that resistance blocker just up here.

And again, we can easily just check this by riding a Fibonacci retracement tool from our low to our high. And we can see that we are pretty much right there on the line. So again, that next move looks like $25.87 approximately in that kind of range. Of course, that could go impulsive.

And this whole thing here could be a one to then break to the upside, confirming and retesting that as no support and too soon to say for certain on the smaller time frame. But it does look like we’re getting nicely corrected.

This pattern allows us to know Polkadot’s price prediction for it, so we should now hopefully be ready to kind of see a little bit more continuation to the upside once this kind of bombs out for good, which it does feel like it’s finally getting to that. Now, if we take a look at the four hourly, we can see this also needs corrective.

Polkadot Price Prediction 2040

So we might actually find ourselves with another smaller kind of sideways trade ABC or whatever and just continuation inside here until this gets corrected.

If we check the eight hourly, this is already in the oversold area, so it’s looking very good from that perspective. We take a look at the daily oversold very good from that perspective. And the weekly is also oversold.

So as we kind of start to scale up the charts here, you know that the volatility is literally bound to those smaller time frames and they’re really not aligning to what is going on with the bigger picture, the bigger picture is actually looking very good for a big push to the upside.

The weekly chart, the daily chart, the eight hourly charts, they’re all very good and indicate the fact that we are oversold waiting for that next surge to the upside.

So it looks like we are bottoming out on the large time frames, but we are expecting some volatility on the smaller time frames. Right. So we’re going to see a lot of volatility with the hourly chart, for example,

Polkadot price prediction

and anything lower than that, we’re probably going to see a fair amount of volatility in terms of our kind of longer-term picture and why I was throwing several thousand dollars at Polka Dot on Wednesday evening.

This was pretty much because when we take a look at the space, Polka Dot’s prediction definitely hasn’t performed in the same kind of League as any of the other assets.

We’ve only seen 2700% growth from August 2020.

That’s pretty much the data that we have available on finance here. But when we actually take a look at that kind of same time period for other assets, they perform much better. And therefore it feels that poker hasn’t actually reached its potential yet. And this is for several different things.

Obviously, the ecosystem starting to build up. We didn’t have the power auctions yet. Obviously at the time of this kind of movement going on.

Now we’re starting to move and progress nicely with these. We’re starting to see projects wanting to kind of launch and start to get things moving on the poker ecosystem.

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Ans. Now this pullback, as I scoped out after this bounce, was showing $22

Q. Polkadot price prediction

Ans. we’re looking down and coming down to $22,

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