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the crypto market has been very calm as of late but that might not be the case for much longer and that’s exactly why we compiled a list of top 5 cryptocurrencies to invest in 2022. These cryptos cover a wide range of meme coins from smart contracts to blockchains. 

1 Top 5 Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2022/23 is Shiba Inu

In top 5 cryptocurrency first cryptocurrency is none other than the Shiba Inu coin. so Shiba Inu coin is currently up 3 in the past week and they got listed on Robinhood. Robinhood has finally listed Shiba Inu and opened up Shiba Inu to a ton of new holders. So Shiba Inu being new is set to take off very soon. 

Shiba Inu also has their metaverse coming out you can buy the land in the metaverse. If you hold both Ethereum and Shiba Inu ecosystem token so the metaverse is launching they just got listed Shiba Inu on Robinhood. Shiba Inu is something you should be looking into in terms of the market cap, they’re sitting at number 15 in terms of market cap at 14 billion dollars and their volume is currently at about 480 million dollars.

 It’s down 61%, it was over a billion dollars um however the whole crypto market has seen a drop in volume and is just kind of hovering right above green or right below the green. The crypto markets are kind of holding it down a bit right now but as soon as the crypto markets go green again Shiba Inu is gonna be set to take off. It is the first coin in top 10 cryptocurrency 2022.

2. Chain Link

In top 5 cryptocurrency 2022 second cryptocurrency is gonna be none other than Chain Links. Chain link is currently up, it’s doing extremely well compared to the market however it is down nine per cent over the past week but that is pretty normal. The Chainlink is going to be a decentralized oracle network that provides tamper-proof inputs outputs and computations to support advanced smart contracts on any blockchain.

 So basically it tries to link a bunch of different blockchains so you have everything in one cohesive place. Currently, Chain Link has about 56 billion dollars of value secured and basically, this is going to be really good for developers as well as the holders, who hold it they have a reliable tamper-proof network seamless connection to any API proven ready-made solutions and secure off-chain computation. It’s really good for developers to start doing contracts.

Chain Links are also kind of partnered up with Ave, Synthetics, Celsius and Arbol, you could basically start building with it or you could just hold the coin like investors in the coin. Chain link is currently ranked number 24 by market cap this is a top 15 market cap coin. The market cap is at about 6.5 billion dollars right now so much lower than Shiba Inu and the volume is at about 360 million but every volume is down around the crypto market um in the past. It is the second coin in top 5 cryptocurrency 2022.

3. Polygon

 the third best cryptocurrency to buy is Polygon Matic. Polygon is it’s trying to bring the world to Ethereum so polygon basically believes in web3.0. Polygon is a decentralized Ethereum scaling platform it’s a layer 2 Ethereum blockchain that enables developers to build scalable user-friendly dapps with low transaction fees. 

 The big problem Ethereum has right now is they’re currently in a proof of work protocol they are moving to a proof of stake protocol but that just got pushed back to q3 of 2022. So Polygon basically gets their transactions down and you don’t have to deal with the gas fees because polygon has this layer to Ethereum blockchain where they have kind of fixed this but it’s built by developers.

 For developers over 10 000 daps have used Polygon to scale their performance. Polygon is being used on things like Openc with NFTs and they have a ton of different scaling solutions. Polygon has Eth compatible, scalability, high security and a great developer experience. Polygon is in terms of market cap they are ranked number 17. The market cap is at about 11 billion and their volume is at about 420 million dollars also that is down with the whole crypto market. It is the third coin in top 5 cryptocurrency 2022.

4. Cosmos

The fourth best cryptocurrency to buy is Cosmos. Cosmos is basically the internet of blockchains. Cosmos is an ever-expanding ecosystem of interconnected apps and services built for a decentralized future. Cosmos have about 263 apps and services and growing and they have 148 billion dollars in digital assets under management. Cosmos is the heart of the interchange they work through their marketplace security provider router and custodian and they’re secured by an atom which is what you would be investing in.

 For securing the services on Cosmos transaction fees and staking rewards are distributed to atom stakers. If you wanted to lock away your atom for a certain amount of time you would be able to get a per cent in return. Basically benefit from people using the platform but it’s super awesome you can swap tokens and political collectables provide liquidity and earn rewards and secure your account with all your digital assets.

 Cosmos is a really awesome coin. They’re currently ranked number 22 in terms of market cap. Cosmos’ market cap is at about 6.9 billion just a little bit more than Chain link and their volume is at about 363 million dollars which is also down 32%. This is a great value for Cosmos if you’re not in this at least consider looking into buying this coin. It is the fourth coin in top 5 cryptocurrency 2022.

5. Decentraland 

 The final best cryptocurrency to buy going to be none other than Decentraland. Decentraland is going to be metaverse crypto it’s gonna be the highest market cap metaverse crypto and you can creatively explore and trade in the first-ever virtual world owned by its users. So basically some different things you can do is you can start exploring lands owned by users to experience incredible scenes and structures. You can also read How to Invest In Metaverse.

 You can also create so if you’re like a developer you’re a creator you want to make something you can create scenes artworks challenges using the simple builder tool. Then you can also trade so this is going to be how you can make money. You can buy and sell land estates avatar wearables and names in the Decentraland marketplace. So if you guys want to be making money you can also do that with Decentraland.

 A lot of different big businesses are getting into Decentraland and the metaverse some are gonna be Samsung. Adidas did something in their jp morgan has a place in the metaverse. So whenever these big businesses get in you can expect a pump with this Decentraland. In terms of market cap, they’re currently ranked number 33 with a 3.9 billion market cap their volume is at about 208 million Decentraland is definitely metaverse crypto that you guys want to have on your watch list and be considered buying now. It is the fifth coin in top 5 cryptocurrency 2022.


 These are the top five cryptos to buy now in 2022. These cryptos cover a wide range of the market we have layer 2 Ethereum blockchains. Do your own search before investing in these Cryptos. If you want to Invest in Cryptos, you need your Account in Crypto Exchanges. So use Binance and Coin Base to start your Crypto Investment right now.

Today we have learned about top 10 cryptocurrency 2022, best cryptocurrency to buy now, best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022, popular cryptocurrency, best cryptocurrency to buy etc. If you have any questions you can ask us in the comments.


Which Is the Top 5 Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2022/23 ?

Shiba Inu
Chain Link

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