Bitcoin Price fall. Is it End of Cryptocurrency?


Bitcoin price fall from $28,000 to $22,500 within a day”

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“All Cryptocurrency are drop more than 10% within a day.”

Bitcoin and Etherium crash more than 75%  from Top.



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Cryptocurrency investors lose of $2 trillion within 9 Months.

“Bitcoin price fell below $23000 on Monday. Its lowest Bitcoin price since December 2020



Celsius, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Luna market price down, why are cryptocurrency prices crashing? !

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Cryptocurrencies are volatile, so investment in the market needs due diligence, but what is pushing that downturn further is inflation in the US, which hit a 40-year high this year .

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“Almost all altcoins, starting from Ethereum, are bleeding prices since weekend.

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Ethereum has fallen to its lowest level in more than 14 months, trading at around $1238.

Bitcoin price will fall till &18000 because this is very strong support level of Bitcoin

How much Bitcoin will fall

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