CBI books DHFL’s Wadhawans in biggest ever loan fraud

Cbi has registered a fresh case against dhfl promoters kapil and Dhiraj wadhwan for defrauding a consortium of 17 banks to the tune of rupees 34,000crore.

Kapil and Dhiraj Wadhwan are currently in jail in connection with the case registered by the CBI and the ED for the alleged fraud caused to yes bank in connivance with the banks.

The CBI has probably acknowledged the fact that it's probing India's biggest banking fraud case razor searches are presently on at least locations spread across the country.

Sudha Shetty who is a promoter of Sahana Group has also been named as an accused now this is a very detailed and big affair that CBI has uploaded on its website.

Sudha Shetty had duped 17 banks and the complainant bank in this case is union bank of india apart from diversion of funds

DHFL used to give loans to projects which were meant to be meant for slum redevelopment, and retail projects and these projects actually never came into existence.

These projects DHFL used to take loans from banks now these projects Bandra book was worth at least 15,000 crore rupees.

CBI has also mentioned that uh banks were duped over a period of between 2010 and 2018 it specifically mentioned the collaterals that were given by the DHFL.

CBI also mentioned how promoters are duped by several banks 17 of the banks were duped and defrauded over a period of 10 to 15 years.

We speak about the rates and searches that are presently going on. We are waiting for an official statement from CBI but probably the biggest banking fraud has happened.

Yes bank and several banks had taken non-convertible defence debenture from these dementias were between 30,000 Crore.

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