Binance.Us drops spot Bitcoin trading fees.

Binance has made a big move that presents a huge opportunity for anyone who buys bitcoin regularly. just erased the buying and selling fee for bitcoin over us dollars and three other major BTC to stablecoin pairings this is big for the cryptocurrency exchange.

There are no other exchanges that offer zero trading fees. is the first of its kind in this regard.

Stock trading app Robinhood has had zero trading fees since it pioneered commissionless crypto trading in 2018.

President ceo of Brian Schroeder had this to say about his exchange's big zero fee announcement.

Bitcoin trading is just the beginning of what we have in store for you we designed an innovative tiered pricing model which will go into effect this summer.

"We hope our pricing model sees broader industry adoption over time because that would have a positive impact on the ecosystem and market participants."

This announcement is not just big for us traders but it's also good for the industry at large that is unless you're in exchange that has built its business model.

There are zero fees when you trade USD for BTC however if you're just using the native wallet for purchasing bitcoin then there is still a fee. has always had issue with his depositing system seven out of ten attempts to deposit can result in a failure which can be very annoying is that there is a lengthy identification verification process that can take several days and until your u.s id is verified you can't trade.

 You may want to know that is the u.s friendly version of the world's largest crypto exchange that is just called Binance.

Binance is banned in the united kingdom and Italy is also currently under investigation by the sec for its initial coin offering.

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