When will the stock market recover Or Its Start of Bear Market ? The effect of gravity is now being seen on the stock market as well

During COVID-19, central banks across the world announced stimulus packages for which additional liquidity flowed into the equity market

In such a situation, the stock market around the world, especially the Indian market, went to its all-time high

 The effect of excess liquidity in the market was visible not only on stocks but everywhere. There is a slowdown in growth at the global level.

 The effect of excess liquidity in the market was visible not only on stocks but everywhere.Governments also printed a lot of money to support stimulus packages

Inflation in the US is at its 40-year high. Inflation is also increasing rapidly in the UK and India. 

Commodity prices are also rising due to the Russia-Ukraine war and rising crude oil prices.The central banks will again focus on boosting growth

Expenses have increased so much that almost all central banks globally are increasing their interest rates

When interest rates rise, there is less liquidity in the economy and lower public spending.This is not good for Economy.

 There is a brake on this rising inflation, but at the same time, we get to see its direct effect on the stock market as well

There is a bearish trend in the stock markets around the world whether it is the American market or Indian

 In this market volatility, everyone is eagerly waiting for the market bottom to happen.Stocks have struggled for direction since falling into a bear market  

Markets have come from the elevator, but whether they will use the stairs to go back up or the lift, it is difficult to tell

Have the markets touched their bottom? Or is the bear market just the beginning?History Shows This Bear Market Could Recover Faster Than Other

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