Several underlying factors cause the Stock Market to go down.  Why Share market is down today?

Warren Buffett has said interest rates are like gravity for the stock market a large change in rates can dramatically impact the valuation of businesses.

 The cpi inflation report showed that inflation continued accelerating prices are now up 8.6 year-over-year the highest increase since 1981

This bucked market expectations as the last two months seemed to show a possible slowing in the rate of inflation this news caused the market to drop.

 The discount rate represents the opportunity cost of investing in us treasury bond is the risk-free rate  you could earn on your money making it the base rate to beat

 Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger discuss the concept of using government bonds as a discount rate the risk-free weight is used merely to equate one item to another.

 It's important to understand the historical context since 2008 we've lived in an extremely low rate environment often at a near-zero federal fund rate.

 Mr Warren Buffett was sitting on a massive pile of cash, approximately $150,000,000,000 cash,  and he has recently started purchasing a lot of stocks.

You should not be saving in cash simply because of the view that inflation is high. It is hitting very high numbers in the US. Even in India and other parts of the world.

If you are keeping RS100 in your bank account, even in a fixed deposit,  and the FD rate right now seems to be between five to 6%, the inflation is 8%.

So your RS100 next year becomes 97 Rs98 even if you are investing in a  fixed deposit and that is a fact.That is the reason why you should not be keeping your money in cash.

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